Jessica Alsman is the voice of The Brandon Peters Show.

Jessica has worked in the radio and entertainment industry since 2010. She came out of the womb loving comedy and needing an inhaler. A 90’s kid molded by The Simpsons, Adam Sandler movies as well as nerdy stuff thanks to her Trekkie Dad… and inappropriate horror films she probably shouldn’t have been watching at that age, thanks to her mom.

Her first job out of college was in radio at WFBQ-FM in Indianapolis where she would eventually wear multiple hats from sales to an on-air DJ. Which was the perfect transition to her current job down the hall in the same building at the nationally syndicated morning radio show, The BOB & TOM Show, heard in over 100 markets.

Growing up, she was always involved with sports, theater and loving all things pop culture. From Rick & Morty to The Walking Dead, to Star Trek to Outlander, she geeks out with a variety of fandoms.

Jessica can be heard weekly on The BOB & TOM Show as well as the Bits & Pieces Podcast.