Yes. I save this part of the Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition discussion for its own segment. This wild addition to Return of the Jedi in 1997 was quite the choice and one I’m not sure many took to. Oddly, while Coruscant appears at the end of the film, this may be a more accurate first peek into the kind of look and vibe the Prequel Trilogy was going to carry.

Aaron Neuwirth rejoins to complete this discussion of The Special Edition Trilogy. And I have to say, this is a pretty good conversation on something we both really don’t care for. But we have a pretty nice discourse on it, able to articulate our points, find an understanding of where George’s head was at and overall look this thing up and down pretty well.

This is a lengthy one, but man is it pretty great topical conversation!

The Brandon Peters Show will return Monday (2/21) with special guest Jessica Alsman and another round of commercials!


Brandon – Shure SM58-LC
Aaron – Unknown Microphone (Recorded with Zoom)

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RUNTIME: 17 minutes

Brandon Peters

Brandon Peters

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