It’s hard to talk about Sabina Graves and not use the word “awesome”. A couple of years ago, she guested on one of the Out Now October Horror Specials to partake in our topic of women directors in horror. Sabina was a total joy to listen to and bounce off of in discussion.

When I started this show, I knew right away that I wanted her to be one of my guests. Sabina was the first guest to straight up, no question, pick the film we were to talk about. And I was super excited, too, as Addams Family Values is one of history’s greatest sequels and a nice turn for this podcast. It also makes for a nice transition from October (Halloween) to November (Thanksgiving).

Sabina is one of the most interesting people around and a terrific human. She’s a filmmaker, with her charming horror short “Tahootie” available to see on YouTube. Theme parks and horror stuff are also her foray. We have plenty to talk about. And our What Else section may be the show’s longest thus far.

We have a fun one on the docket for you and while not on the final edit, the Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series in the middle of recording and we took a little break because of the fireworks.

0:01:09 – Sabina Graves Interview
0:11:42 – Addams Family Values Discussion
0:39:15 – What Else


The Brandon Peters Show will return tomorrow (11/3) with 4K BLUsday.

Technical Information

Brandon – Shure SM58-LC
Sabina – Unknown Microphone (ZOOM recorded audio)

Note: At a few points, Sabina’s audio features some weak connection issues. I did my best to fix or repair, but distortions do exists in a few moments.

Post Production
NCH Wavepad Masters Edition v8.38
NCH MixPad Masters v5.22
The Levelator 2

RUNTIME: 59 minutes

Addams Family Values is available on DVD and Blu-ray. It is currently streaming on Amazon Prime, Fubo, CBS All Access, DirecTV and Sling. You can rent or “own” it digitally on Amazon, YouTube, Fandango, Vudu, RedBox, Apple TV and AMC Theaters OnDemand.

Brandon Peters

Brandon Peters

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