No episode this week, but I’m finally ready to announce the big project I’ve been working on this year. So without further adieu, let me unveil…


One of the biggest summer movie seasons of all time turns the same age I did this year and I wanted to take a big dive back into that pop culture time capsule. Joining me for this journey all summer long is Scott Mendelson from Forbes.

From May to August, we’ll be chronicling every film released that summer in the United States. Weekend by weekend. From Conan The Barbarian to The Beastmaster. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan to Rocky III. Fast Times at Ridgemont High to The Last American Virgin. Re-releases like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars and Bambi. We are covering EVERY movie.

But, it doesn’t stop there, we will want a real grip on the full pop culture climate of the time. We’ll be talking about news events from each week, the top 10 TV shows of any given week, the top 10 songs on the Casey Kasem Weekly Top 40 and of course, the box office numbers.

It’s a deep dive with big movies and some you never knew existed. Hits nobody remembers, big name movies that bombed hard. Musicals, horror films, space, video games, stars, swords, sorcery, the movies had it all that summer.

So be here May 2, as Scott and I travel through THE SUMMER OF ’82 AT 40!

“Summer of ’82 Theme” by Pres Maxson

Brandon Peters

Brandon Peters

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