The Brandon Peters Show: Back to the Future 90s Remake

Back to the Future turned 35 years old this year. This movie has been a seminal part of mine and many people’s lives. It’s perfect. Since the day it was released it has been celebrated, discussed, had documentaries, interviews and books produced all about it. What more could a silly podcast add to the discussion that hasn’t been already said?

Welcome to my wild brain! One significant thing about Back to the Future is that it’s never been remade. And something I always have found a fun mental exercise in my nutty film brain is to take any given film and remake it in a different time period. If they were to make X film in X year/decade…who would be in it? How would certain details play out? Those sorts of things. And now, with my new podcast, I’ve wrangled up some of the internet’s most brilliant and acclaimed film writer’s to have this discussion with me in audio form!

Along with Sharareh Drury (The Hollywood Reporter, E! News, Culturess), Audery Lane (HorrorHound, PopCon International Film Festival) and Troy Brownfield (The Saturday Evening Post, Graphic Policy) we set out to create what Back To The Future would have been had it been made just 1 decade later, in the 1990s.

After we’ve agreed on a cast and certain elements in the film, a TRAILER for this concoction will arise. So sit back, make sure your Flux Capacitor is functioning and don’t hit your head too hard on the toilet as you disagree with our choices!

This is honestly one of the most fun and finest shows I’ve EVER produced in podcasting and I’m excited for people to finally hear this!


The Brandon Peters Show will return tomorrow (10/6) with 4K BLUsday.

Technical Information

Brandon – Shure SM58-LC and Skype recorded audio
Sharareh – ZOOM recorded audio (Laptop)
Audery – ZOOM recorded audio (Laptop)
Troy – ZOOM recorded audio (Smartphone)

Post Production
NCH Wavepad Masters Edition v8.38
NCH MixPad Masters v5.22
The Levelator 2

NOTE: I did my best to sweep away streaming call distortions, but a minimal few may still appear.

RUNTIME: 64 minutes

Back To The Future is available on 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray, standard Blu-ray and DVD. As of the episode posting it streaming on Netflix, fubo, DirecTV, Sling and USA. It is available for rent of purchase digitally on Apple TV, Amazon, YouTube, VUDU, RedBox and AMC Theaters OnDemand

Brandon Peters

Brandon Peters

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