The great Stephanie Crawford returns! Her first time on the show proper. If you remember, she was on the Holiday Gift Guide episode before. And don’t worry, we know you loved us discussing Blu-rays. I have a follow up to last week’s Warner Archive discussion, where we pore over a new piece of information regarding the potential future of Warner Bros that made its way around Twitter last week.

Stephanie has brought to the table 1999’s cult favorite comedy Drop Dead Gorgeous. Largely overlooked, it aged quite well and the format for the film was largely hidden from marketing and at the same time, very informing of what would become television comedy for the next almost 20 years. And it’s just quite deliciously dark and funny.

I have a lot of fun recording with Stephanie and her in addition to just being a swell human, her knowledge and passion for film as well as home video, makes her a great companion for the show. I hope you enjoy this latest installment!

0:00:48 – Catching Up with Stephanie/Warner Archive Discussion
0:17:20 – Drop Dead Gorgeous Discussion
0:55:58 – What Else


The Brandon Peters Show will return on 5/5 with Old Space Show.

Technical Information

Brandon – Shure SM58-LC
Stephanie – Laptop Microphone (Recorded with Zoom)

Post Production
NCH Wavepad Masters Edition v8.38
NCH MixPad Masters v5.22
The Levelator 2

RUNTIME: 66 minutes

Drop Dead Gorgeous is available on Blu-ray and DVD. It is currently streaming on HBO MAX and Tubi TV.

Brandon Peters

Brandon Peters

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