Of course I’d have Danielle Sepulveres return for this. I always enjoy her perspective and insight on damn near anything. We get to discuss a truly interesting gem of the season that features Lea Thompson and the director of Pretty In Pink & Some Kind of Wonderful (her husband, Howard Deutch) teaming up for this tale of vanity and murder.

This one truly feels tied to a type that only Tale From The Crypt can deliver and not the other anthologies. Danielle and I do go off topic, but it’s a great picture painted of the atmosphere of late night TV viewing in our youth and the sort of things surrounding and available at the same time Tales From The Crypt was on the air.


The Brandon Peters Show will return tomorrow (10/28) with more Tales From The Crypt. Pacing Pete (Halloween Never Dies Podcast) joins for “Lover Come Hack To Me”.


Brandon – Shure SM58-LC
Danielle – Unknown Microphone (Recorded with Zoom)

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RUNTIME: 41 min

Tales From The Crypt is available on DVD.

Brandon Peters

Brandon Peters

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