The Summer of ’93 at 30 is a weekly retrospective journey through American pop culture during May, June, July and August of 1993. Brandon Peters, The Wrap’s Scott Mendelson and We Live Entertainment/Out Now with Aaron and Abe’s Aaron Neuwirth take a weekend by weekend look at the films released during the summer as well as the news stories, television and music that rounded out the public’s lives as they lined the pockets of the box office to see these movies.

September 3-5, 1993: This is it. The grand finale, led by…Stuart Gordon and Christoper Lambert? Fortress headlines Labor Day weekend 93 along with Brad Pitt, David Duchovny, Juliette Lewis and Michelle Forbes in Kalifornia. Then there’s Jason Priestley’s attempt at stardom in Calendar Girl and Roberto Benigni’s in Son Of The Pink Panther.

After the discussion, as we come to a close, the three of us reveal our favorite films, least favorites, go over what we learned, surprise films and more to wind it all up. We also unveil what year we’ll be going back for in next year’s “Summer Of” series. Someone on X/Twitter already guessed it when we announced this series LOL.

We’ll also be discussing the box office report, notable news stories, the top 10 Nielsen rated tv programs for the week and the top 10 of Casey Kasem’s weekly top 40 from the week these films were released. Also, Yancy Berns of The Milky Way Blues will be sharing “Yancy’s Tales From The Video Store” each week.

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The Brandon Peters Show will return Friday (9/1) with Pres Maxson and Michael Jackson music video for “Will You Be There” and the conclusion of THE SUMMER OF 93 AT 30!

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Brandon Peters

Brandon Peters

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