Star Wars Holiday Special

Jen Edds is a pal of mine I’ve met through…you guessed it – PODCASTING! Jen is one of the most impressive hosts, producers and business owners locally with her company The Brassy Broadcasting Company. She’s won numerous accolades and awards for her stellar work in the medium. And not to be overlooked, Jen is a totally rad musician as well.

Star Wars is also in her world of fandoms, and I’m incredibly happy she was gung ho about taking on the monstrosity that is The Star Wars Holiday Special. An event so reviled that it aired once in history and been available only through bootlegs and what have you. And, it truly lives up to its reputation.

I had planned on doing The Star Wars Holiday Special as one of last year’s holiday episodes on Cult CInema Cavalcade but due to an unfortunate event in my life, it was shelved. But now, my first opportunity, I’m gonna take the swing. And while the show is a chore to watch, the conversation was a joy to have!

0:00:58 – Jen Edds Interview
0:22:14 – The Star Wars Holiday Special Discussion
0:46:24 – What Else


The Brandon Peters Show will return tomorrow (12/22) with the Out Now commentary for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Technical Information

Brandon – Shure SM58-LC
Jen – Unknown Microphone

Post Production
NCH Wavepad Masters Edition v8.38
NCH MixPad Masters v5.22
The Levelator 2

RUNTIME: 52 minutes

The Star Wars Holiday Special is available with a quick search on YouTube.

Brandon Peters

Brandon Peters

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