Geoff Arbuckle started the blog B-Movie Enema in 2014, and, since 2016, he’s been delivering reviews in a “live blog” style on a nearly weekly basis. He covers everything from exploitation to horror to action to big budget movies that fell flat on their faces. He joined up with Jason Oliver in 2017 to create the Film Seizure podcast where he and his co-hosts cover nostalgic movies from the good, the bad, and everywhere in between. He eventually spun off his own show, Monster Mondays, which can also be found on the Film Seizure site. Most recently, he’s taken B-Movie Enema to the YouTube world with B-Movie Enema: The Series, which finds him and his faithful co-host, Nurse Disembaudee, hosting movies from a range of genres. If there’s a week on the calendar, there’s a good chance you’ll find something he’s doing on several of the days.