Three episodes in to a British science fiction programme and they’ve already played the Brian Blessed card? Blake’s 7 means business! Also appearing here is the super talented and lovely Pamela Salem.

Its an episode of trial and error with the ship and religious manipulation on the penal colony of Cygnus Alpha. Shouting to the rafters, Blessed makes his mark!

Steven Schapansky from Radio Free Skaro, Lazy Doctor Who and Doctor Who: The Memory Cheats is the Companion for Blake’s 7.

The Brandon Peters Show will return Friday (8/26) with special guest Jessica Alsman to close with a song.

Brandon – Shure SM58-LC
Steven – Shure SM7B

Post Production
NCH Wavepad Masters Edition v8.38
NCH MixPad Masters v5.22
The Levelator 2

RUNTIME: 28 minutes

Blake’s 7: Series One is available to stream on BritBox.

Brandon Peters

Brandon Peters

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