Brandon and Kim Is Possible VS The Bagpipes!

The last piece of PopCon week on the show! Recorded live before an audience at PopCon Indy 2023. I was honored to interview Mary Mary Cosplay at Louisville PopCon, and am honored once again to interview her daughter Kim Is Possible. Kim has such a fantastic imagination and glowing personality about her fandoms and her […]

“Poorly Described Movie” Game LIVE! From PopCon with Chris Johnson

PopCon week continues with more from PopCon Indy 2023! PopCon Louisville proved to be an arena of making plenty of new friends. One of the ones I valued most was that of Chris Johnson from The Normies. He subbed for Jessica on the live show and between that and this I really enjoy our chemistry […]

60 Years of Doctor Who Live From PopCon Indy 2023 with Geoff Arbuckle

It’s another PopCon week on the show! Recorded live before an audience at PopCon Indy 2023. On Saturday morning, I had a cancellation on the podcast stage and decided to ask Geoff Arbuckle of Film Seizure if he’d join me for a chat about Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary. And to our surprise, we had plenty […]

LIVE! At PopCon Louisville 2023 with Chris Johnson & Patrick McGlinn

In The Brandon Peters Show era of my podcasting career – I live for these live podcast recordings at PopCon. This is the first time taking it on the road and out of state. The results were no different. A wonderful success and loads of fun. Jessica wasn’t able to make the trek down for […]

Mary Mary Cosplay Interview From PopCon Louisville

PopCon Louisville took place June 16-18, 2023. It was the very first time in the city. I was once again the host/MC/moderator of the Live Podcast Stage at the event. And this was a pretty big weekend on the stage. On my first day, I welcomed one of my favorite cosplayers I’m around at these, […]

LIVE! with The Kinda Nerdy Girls & James T. Wulfgar at PopCon 2022

Running the podcast stage, everything doesn’t go too smoothly all the time. For instance, I had a few shows scheduled to perform that didn’t show up. What happens then? I provide “filler”. And I have some of the best people to help me out with that when I’m at PopCon. What is included in this […]

LIVE! with Alyson Tabbitha at PopCon 2022

I was allotted the great privilege of getting to share time and speak with cosplay celebrity Alyson Tabbitha on the final day, during the final hours of PopCon 2022! If you’re not familiar with Alyson, you probably don’t realize you already are. Her magnificent work in make-up and costuming has caught the eye of viral […]

LIVE! at PopCon 2022 with Jessica Alsman

Jessica Alsman and I returned to PopCon to deliver yet another killer live show once again challenging convention goers to a game of vintage Trivial Pursuit. This Trivial Pursuit was the 20th Anniversary Edition that included questions from 1982-2002. We added a rule like “ask an adult” or “ask a youth”. Wacky prizes were handed […]