Tales From The Crypt “And All Through The House” with Katie Rife

Our week-long look at the remainder of the first season of Tales From The Crypt starts today! And joining for the second episode “And All Through The House” is the person who pitched me this idea earlier this year – The AV Club’s Katie Rife! Katie is a huge EC comics nut and a lover […]

Tales From The Crypt “The Man Who Was Death” with Jessica Alsman

For some October fun this year on the show, in addition to the Out Now with Aaron and Abe Horror Specials, we’ll be taking a look at the first season of HBO’s big time horror series Tales From The Crypt! The show featured big time actors, directors and writers coming together for some lovely anthology […]

Brought To You By Brandon & Jessica: Spooky 1980’s TV Ads

Ask and you shall receive! During Old Teen Show: The Heights, listeners made it clear they would like to see Jessica Alsman and I discussing more vintage commercials with regularity. So, here we are, giving it a shot. Since it’s October, we’re doing some Halloween themed ads from the 1980s. Listen along and find the […]

Sorcerer (1977)

As we land on Sorcerer, we hit a film that is huge to me. This was one of those old films that was “new to me” in 2014. And boy, was I friggin impressed. This film really struck me and I’ve been sort of obsessed with it since. I cannot get enough of Sorcerer. And […]

Sound Of My Voice (2011) with Jamie Alvey

Sound of My Voice was a film that struck me, stuck with me and I continue to think about to this day. A little film that has big ideas and so much to say. These are the types of science fiction movies that impress me so much and the kind I dig and dig and […]

Bucktown (1975) with Audery Lane

Audery Lane is back! She’s always game and ready upon receiving the call to come and guest on the show. I’m lucky to have someone with such talent and great analysis that is excited to be on the show! For this episode, I’m bringing a completely forgotten flick to the table: BUCKTOWN. I didn’t know […]

Blood and Black Lace (1964) with Greg McGoon

Well, we’ve done it! We have completed 1 year of the show and now are moving into YEAR TWO! To mark this occasion, I’m flipping what I did during the first year on its head. For the past year, it has been guests bringing films that are unique favorites to the table and discussing them. […]

16 Blocks (2006) with Scott Mendelson

We’ve reached the 1 year milestone here on The Brandon Peters Show. Fitting enough, I’ve chosen to bring back the original guest, Forbes’ Scott Mendelson, to cap it all off! Has the show evolved or changed a lot since the first episode dropped? I’m sure it has, but you tell me. Scott and I are […]

The Heights “Talk To An Angel” SPECIAL EDITION with Jessica Alsman

As fate would have it, right after Jessica and I recorded our finale for Old Teen Show: The Heights, the first episode was uncovered. We were pretty enthused to not only record again so quickly, but to actually get to see where it all started out. We decided to make a week of it all. […]

Meet The Robinsons (2007) with Sabina Graves

One of my favorite parts about this show, and having my guests drive the movie choices, is the bounce from week to week. What other movie podcast goes from Friday the 13th to Disney family cartoon one week to the next? This one, that’s what the hell one does. Sabina Graves returns for her third […]

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan with James Oster

During the World Film Project series, we passed by a Friday the 13th! No, I didn’t forget. I didn’t want to interrupt, quickly end or overshadow that run of episodes. And as Jimmy O and I always say…you don’t just have to wait until Friday the 13th to watch, talk about or record episodes of […]

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (2014) with Sharareh Drury

Big caveat here on this week’s third and final entry into this first session of World Film Project. Yes, I’m very aware A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night was shot in California by UK born director Ana Lily Amirpour (who IS of Iranian descent). HOWEVER, please listen in and hear why I am vouching […]

Remote Control (1992) with Sharareh Drury

The “World Film Project” enters week 2. To refresh or introduce you to this concept, during these couple weeks on the show, we’ll be spotlighting a film that a country, not necessarily always given the spotlight for their cinematic output, considers one of their classics. Joining me for this adventure will be show regular Sharareh […]

The Girl With The Red Scarf (1977) with Sharareh Drury

This week begins a 3 week journey into what I’m calling the “World Film Project”. Over the next few weeks we’ll be spotlighting a film that a country, not necessarily always given the spotlight for their cinematic output, considers one of their classics. Joining for this adventure will be show regular Sharareh Drury. Her background […]

The Crow (1994) with Danielle Sepulveres

It’s with great excitement that I welcome Danielle Sepulveres back on the show. I rather enjoyed our conversations from her first appearance a lot. Danielle has great stories to tell and experiences to share, and I’m here for all of it. This time around, we’re talking about the 90s grunge classic The Crow. The film […]

LIVE! at PopCon 2021 with Jessica Alsman

PopCon returned in person this month and it was bigger and more exciting than ever! On the Saturday of the 3-Day event, Jessia Alsman and I recorded/performed the first ever LIVE edition of The Brandon Peters Show! For this episode of the show, we had a competition. Jessica and I would face off in a […]

Breakin’ (1984) with Peter Paras

You’ve heard him on the commentaries, now get to know Peter Paras a little better here on the show proper. Peter has recently shifted into a newer endeavor of producing video essays on YouTube. His first one was on the film Step Up 2: The Streets. Which is fitting because… He chose a stone cold […]

Hawk The Slayer (1980) with Troy Brownfield

Troy Brownfield becomes the first guest to return for a third time However, he’s somehow managed to not be on a regular episode proper yet. He was a part of the first roundtable and then appeared during the Holiday Gift Guide series. So now, he’s checking that off his list. He’s brought 80s sword and […]

The Rider (2017) with Chelsea Christer

In my journeys on this podcast, I’ve been sharing time with friends old and new and meeting fresh faces along the way. Chelsea Christer was a special one as I found myself in one of my most inspired week’s creatively in both researching, interviewing, recording and doing the promo video “The Decline of Podcast Civilization”. […]

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (2003) with Greg McGoon

Nope, not the episode I advertised at the end of last week. My apologies. The World Film Project WILL indeed be happening, but we’ve had a little delay. Thanks for your understanding and interest in that. INSTEAD – Greg McGoon returns and we are tackling a film we both were excited to talk about when […]

The Haunting (1963) with James Oster

Thank you so much for coming back after I took a week off! Did you miss me? I missed you. Let’s get back to business shall we? James Oster aka “Jimmy O” returns to the show. This is the first time I’ve ever had him on one of my programs to talk about something that […]

Old Space Show: Quantum Leap “Play It Again, Seymour”

Old Space Show: Quantum Leap "Play it Again Seymour"

After a week off, Old Space Show: Quantum Leap is back to complete its first season! In the finale, Tony & I discuss the Bogart-themed mystery. We also give a reflection on the series as a whole. Stay to the end for a tease of the left field direction I’m about to embark on next! […]

Breaking Away (1979) with Carl Doninger

Carl Doninger is the guy behind one of my favorite events of the summer, the year, the city I live in: POPCORN! Yes, you’ve heard much about this convention on the show throughout its existence. And well, that’s because it’s important to me and so many others. You’ll get to learn all about this year’s […]

Closing With A Song “Slippin'” by DMX with Sharai Bohannon

Closing with a Song Slippin Sharai Bohannon

Since I schedule, plan far ahead and also try and find appropriate material that my guests are familiar or comfortable with talking about when it comes to these music video episodes, I haven’t been able to touch on the late, great DMX since his passing. In my late teens, early 20s, I was quite a […]

Out Now Commentary – Hannibal Rising (2007)

Out Now Commentary Hannibal Rising

The monthly commentary series for Out Now with Aaron & Abe concludes its journey through the cinematic adaptations of the Thomas Harris novels surrounding Hannibal Lecter. We go out on a high, with the film everyone has been eagerly awaiting us to cover! This is the best and most favoritest one of them all, yes? […]

The Meteor Man (2003) with Sharai Bohannon

The Meteor Man (2003) with Sharai Bohannon

I found my guest, Sharai Bohannon, very recently through a toxic scenario she exposed over the Twitter universe. While that was the reason I found her to connect, she’s a person who has SO MUCH to offer. Even beyond her very fun horror podcast, A Nightmare On Fierce Street. Sharai has lots of talents and […]

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003) with Scott Mendelson

Lara Croft Tomb Raider - The Cradle Of Life with Scott Mendelson

My original guest for the show, Forbes writer Scott Mendelson returns for the first time proper (AKA not a commentary track). And while not a “favorite” film per se, the second Angelina Tomb Raider adventure has had a significant resonance in his lingo if you’re a follower of his box office reporting. Scott coined the […]

Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999) with Stephanie Crawford

The great Stephanie Crawford returns! Her first time on the show proper. If you remember, she was on the Holiday Gift Guide episode before. And don’t worry, we know you loved us discussing Blu-rays. I have a follow up to last week’s Warner Archive discussion, where we pore over a new piece of information regarding […]

Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls (1970) with Reyna Cervantes

Did you know that film critic icon Robert Ebert once wrote a film? And that it’s one of the most highly regarded, wild and crazy, Russ Meyer cult films? Beyond the Valley of the Dolls is his satirical masterpiece he provided to the world of film. And it is quite a crazy midnight movie kind […]

Moxie (2021) with David Kronmiller

Moxie (2021)

David Kronmiller is a longtime friend of mine from those fabled days you’ve heard on this show about DVD and Blu-ray quality control. David it was actually one of the people in that field the longest when I’d met him and a person I’d spent many of late evenings testing and reporting on discs with. […]

The Losers (2010) with KJ

The Losers with KJ

It’s been just a small bit of an adventure for KJ and I to line up our schedules to make this episode finally come to light. As early as last year, I’d reached out for her to come on. Now we are here and you can enjoy her discussing all the nifty stuff she does […]

Shin Godzilla (2016) with Aaron Neuwirth

Shin Godzilla 2016

Enjoy Godzilla Vs Kong over the last week? I did! I’m following that movie up with a discussion on the 2016 Toho refresh, Shin Godzilla. Not only is it a fresh take on the series that has 30+ entries, it’s also one of the best Godzilla films ever made. Perhaps the best since the original. […]

Bobbie Jo And The Outlaw (1976) with Mike Vanderbilt

Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw with Mike Vanderbilt

Mike Vanderbilt is back! After meeting on the Jason Goes To Hell Episode last year, I knew I’d be bringing him back regularly. I really enjoy discussing films, film history and research and we are on a pretty strong wavelength in that regard. Plus, his knowledge and bravado impresses me and I hope you as […]

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1992) with Jennifer Wreyford

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Jennifer Wreyford and I met in a former place of employment and upon first interaction with her, I was immediately captivated and taken with her skill as a speaker, a leader and someone who relatively has a great sense of communication with people. Its no surprise that she’s found a calling in an industry very […]

The Wraith (1986) with Audery Lane

The Wraith with Audery Lane

Audery Lane is welcomed back to the show. We have a pretty terrific interview going over the ins, outs, challenges and successes of running film festivals. There are also some details regarding the upcoming PopCon International Film Festival this July that you won’t want to miss. She’s brought the cult classic 1986 film The Wraith […]

A League Of Their Own with Jessica Alsman

A League of Their Own with Jessica Alsman

Jessica Alsman is back! Though you hear her every week on the show, this is her 2nd time as a full fledged guest. She’s also the only guest so far to have talked about a current “new release” film on the show. But now, we delve into one of her favorites and one important to […]

Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead (1991) with Greg McGoon

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead

Greg McGoon is a wonderful children’s author and all around great personality. He has a pretty extensive background from being candy royalty to theater and a photography which led him to his writing. Greg is also just an all around terrific and passionate person to be able to share time with. This episode’s film discussion […]

Absentia (2011) with Jamie Alvey

Absentia (2011)

Jamie Alvey is the first guest on the show that I found through another guest on the show. Back in October, when I recorded with Molly Henery she mentioned to me that she would be doing a live script read for something called the Devil’s Kettle Drama Club (Nice nod to Jennifer’s Body). So I […]

Lady Snowblood with Katie Rife

Lady Snowblood with Katie Rife

I’ve been meaning to have Katie Rife from The A.V. Club onto the show since it started, but alas here we are, half a year into this and BAM – she has arrived. And with an absolutely delicious pick of a movie to boot. Though, I had no doubt in her picking something to bring […]

Persepolis with Sharareh Drury

Persepolis with Sharareh Drury

Sharareh Drury is a person you should be expecting to make regular house calls on The Brandon Peters Show. I’ve long appreciated and admired her work and terrific perspective on the world of film, television and media in general. When planning this podcast out in its early stages, she’s someone who I intended to be […]

Working Girl with Danielle Sepulveres

Working Girl

Danielle Sepulveres isn’t just a great follow on Twitter, she’s a very talented person who has her hand in many different crafts. Her writing for various fields of relationships, health and pop culture is top notch. She’s also been quite involved with HPV and cervical cancer activism. Her show, The Adult Spelling Bee is a […]

The Great Dictator with Gretl Claggett

The Great Dictator with Gretl Claggett

Welcome to the encore performance of this episode! My laptop had taken on dump on me and lost the original one. But alas, it was recorded again and I think even more rich than before. Thanks to the world being crazy, the conversations political lean seemed to have much more meat on it and became […]

Wild at Heart with Nate Utesch

Wild at Heart with Nate Utesch

Technologically speaking, I am back with an all new laptop to bring you quality episodes of this silly show. And to be quite honest, aside from me not really having the capacity to do a polished edit, I enjoyed last week’s content with Russell McGee quite a bit. This week, my longtime friend Nate Utesch […]

Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. with Russell McGee

Well, this was not the episode I promised or expected to be leading the charge into 2021…but here we are! Please note that this episode is being released with the raw recorded audio and has not been edited as you’re accustomed to. Russell McGee is a friendship I’ve fortunate to have forged years ago. I […]

The Star Wars Holiday Special with Jen Edds

Star Wars Holiday Special

Jen Edds is a pal of mine I’ve met through…you guessed it – PODCASTING! Jen is one of the most impressive hosts, producers and business owners locally with her company The Brassy Broadcasting Company. She’s won numerous accolades and awards for her stellar work in the medium. And not to be overlooked, Jen is a […]

Out of Sight with Maxwell Haddad

Out of Sight with Maxwell Haddad

Maxwell Haddad and I met through podcasting on Out Now with Aaron and Abe. When it comes to cinema and television, he has a beautiful mind regarding his criticism. Many of the best conversations regarding film and television I’ve had in my life have been with Maxwell. My first podcast, the IchaPod CraneCast, was co-hosted […]

Secondhand Lions with Molly Farnsley

Secondhand Lions

Molly Farnsley is another person from PopCon Fort Wayne in 2018 that took the podcast stage that never recorded. She was actually the first person I inquired about coming up to guest on it. Her artwork at her booth easily caught my attention and she seemed a delightful person when conversing for a few moments […]

Closing With A Song: “Adam’s Song” by Blink-182

Closing with a Song: Adam's Song - Blink 182

There was no way getting around doing Blink-182’s “Adam’s Song” this week. Every bit and piece of it was leading to this. Mark Hoppus was in Bleeding Audio. Female director. The Decline of Western Civilization was about punk music. My only hesitation is the song being kind of a bummer, but in turn that led […]

Out Now Commentary – Unstoppable (2010)

Out Now: Unstoppable

Time again for the Out Now Commentary track. This one (for November) is for Tony Scott’s final film Unstoppable. Celebrating its 10th birthday this year and since there’s no Top Gun coming, we decided to cover one of Scott’s films as we never have before. In addition to myself, this commentary features Aaron Neuwirth (Out […]

Old Space Show: Space: 1999 “Death’s Other Dominion”

Space 1999: Death's Other Dominion

We follow up the big Turkey Day Marathon with a BIG episode that has a BIG guest star in that of thespian legend BRIAN BLESSED (C’mon you know you said it in your head to the back row)! Enjoy this lengthy discussion on what we found to be one of the strongest episodes of Space: […]

The Decline of Western Civilization with Chelsea Christer

The Decline of Western Civilization

A couple weeks before launching this show, as I was knee deep in preparations, recording, scheduling and a bunch of madness, I somehow found time to squeeze in time to review an indie rock documentary called Bleeding Audio. The story of the band The Matches has wound up becoming one of my favorite films in […]

The Day Of The Jackal with Pres Maxson

The Day of the Jackal with Pres Maxson

I met Pres Maxson at PopCon Fort Wayne back in late December of 2018. Running a live podcast stage with nary a podcast to sign up for, I had to fill it with content and went looking around the convention for talent interested in discussing their work on stage.Pres was more than obliging. Needless to […]

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly with John Rocha

The Good the Bad and the Ugly with John Rocha

John Rocha is one of the most treasured friendships I’ve made in this journey called life. We both worked in DVD Quality Control as I’d mentioned many times already going through the life of this show. “Johnny” as I’d call him, was the esteemed actor of the group, being the one that had the most […]

Addams Family Values with Sabina Graves

It’s hard to talk about Sabina Graves and not use the word “awesome”. A couple of years ago, she guested on one of the Out Now October Horror Specials to partake in our topic of women directors in horror. Sabina was a total joy to listen to and bounce off of in discussion. When I […]

The Fog with Justin Beahm

One of the most important voices in both the horror realm and home video, Justin Beahm is always a pleasure to have a discussion with. His ideals and outlook are always very positive and inspiring. Beahm takes nothing for granted and sees the value in every little corner of creativity. He’s also the head honcho […]

Hubie Halloween with Jessica Alsman

The Brandon Peters Show: Hubie Halloween with Jessica Alsman

Jessica Alsman is one of my favorite people and one of the best to collaborate with, too. Since our first meeting over four years ago, we’ve recorded plenty of hours of content for the earwaves. She’s typically game for whatever I’ve put her through and gives a billion percent every time. When Cult Cinema Cavalcade […]

The Bird With The Crystal Plumage with Molly Henery

The Brandon Peters Show 004 The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

Molly Henery is a writer whose work and film mentality I’ve admired for a long while now. It was only fitting the show’s first guest I’ve not collaborated with before and first foray into horror be her. She’s a hustler when it comes to writing and covering horror films for film festivals as well as […]

Back To The Future 1990s Remake

The Brandon Peters Show: Back to the Future 90s Remake

Back to the Future turned 35 years old this year. This movie has been a seminal part of mine and many people’s lives. It’s perfect. Since the day it was released it has been celebrated, discussed, had documentaries, interviews and books produced all about it. What more could a silly podcast add to the discussion […]

Grosse Pointe Blank with Aaron Neuwirth

The Brandon Peters Show: Grosse Pointe Blank

My next guest perfectly compliments and follows up with the premiere episode. When I began writing for Mendelson’s Memos, I had a list of things I was hoping to achieve through my film writing. One of which was to guest on a podcast to talk about film and what have you. After my second or […]

Shanghai Knights With Scott Mendelson

The Brandon Peters Show: Shanghai Knights

Welcome to the premiere of The Brandon Peters Show! When it came to selecting the first guest for The Brandon Peters Show, there was only one person I had in mind. Scott Mendelson and I met the first week after I moved to Los Angeles in late June of 2005. In addition to growing up […]


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